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    Tabula Rasa

    This is beginning of our heroine's life journey as an abused, frightened young woman and her transformation into Angela Fournier, a dedicated businesswoman who honors friendship above all. Her past defines her, her future empowers her.

    ISBN: 978-1500550325

    Darkness After Midnight

    A soldier is set up to take the fall after he eliminates either one of two leaders in the conflict inflicting South Sudan. He runs for his life and meets up with a young woman, Maysa, and together they save a UN Camp from rebels only to be rescued by Angela Fournier and her elite team.

    ISBN: 978-1522772644

    Compromised Interests

    Another 100,000 plus word novel of intense drama and camaraderie as Angela Fournier and her team fight drug cartels and the lethal Pathos corporation who wants to own the world.

    ISBN: 978-1540603636



    A Futuristic Fable that chronicles the ideals of the Nalhsian nation and the brave few Belcarians that escaped the grasp of the Engram (engineered responsive analytical monitor) strain, to venture forth and discover the re-birth of Earth. The year, 15,082 AD.

    ISBN: 978-1495246715

  • About His Writing

    John F Russo is a new author creating works in the International Thriller genre. His use of international stories are the backdrop for his fictional characters to delve into the chaos and corruption that plague our world. His characters, although they will never admit to it, are fictional. John pulls from them, their quirks, their joys, their commitments, their humor, and their own personal demons as seen from his own perspective. The Angela Fournier Series, has paralleled current world events and will continue to do so as long as the these antagonists are determined to own and destroy what our ancestors have worked so hard to give us.


    John takes months to organize his material, each book about six months to write after the research. His locations are, in the most part real, and he describes his objects of interest, for your further interest. You can follow Angela across the U.S. on her bus ride, you can feel the acceleration of Mako on the autobahn in the Swiss alps and you can taste the grit in your teeth as Angela and her team drive down the dusty roads of Honduras. His 100,000 plus word novels are meant to take the reader on a journey, not to casually read in a night, but to be absorbed with each encounter.

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    Engram - Futuristic Fable - www.createspace.com/4609030



    International Thriller Series featuring Angela Fournier


    Tabula Rasa - www.createspace.com/4908423

    Darkness After Midnight - www.createspace.com/5941187

    Compromised Interests - www.createspace.com/6741347


    Also available on Amazon and Kindle


    In the Florida Keys: Key West Island Books, Key West; The Shell Man, Marathon and Hooked on Books, Islamorada.

  • Angela Fournier's Bio

    Welcome to my world of intrigue...

  • Hello, my name is Angela Fournier and my good friend, John F Russo, suggested I write a bio about myself for my many followers. I should say from the beginning, my life is and has been, complicated, but I shall endeavor to fill in some blanks for you.


    I was born on March 6, 1980 to Elizabeth and James Jackson in Kittery, Maine at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital. My parents named me Gloria. After my father left the service, we moved across the river to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where my father and his best friend, started a successful hardware business. We were very happy.


    I was nine years old, when my best friend, my father, died. I can remember being devastated and now, I realize what my mom had also gone through. Several years later, one of my dad’s franchise dealers asked my mother to marry him. It was ground shaking for me and I couldn’t figure out why. We moved north, east of the White mountains, to a small town.


    This man turned out to be horrible, he was abusive to me and my mother. He was part of the good-old-boys club so no one saw beyond his lies. I ran away from home when I was fourteen, I think it was October. I remember a heavy rain had washed out several bridges and I was trapped in the sleeper of an eighteen wheeler when it plunged over one of these gushing, mud slides. Luckily, the driver managed to jump the ravine, but we crashed into a tree on the other side and I was thrown from the vehicle. It gets pretty foggy from there. When I recovered, I was snuggled up in a warm bed in a recluse’s cabin, in the middle of nowhere. If I would have only known what kind of impact this man would have on my life, maybe my path would have been different. I was determined and hard-headed.


    This man, Gilles Fournier, was my savior. He was from France and he had gone through a tragedy himself, he lost his wife and unborn child in a traffic accident while they were on vacation here in the states. He never went back to France and chose to stay near his buried beloved. He nursed me back to health, he taught me how to survive with using my instincts, he taught me French, and most of all, he taught me to love myself for who I am.


    I don’t want to bore you with my travels and my ‘not-so-wise’ decisions, but I should relay how I became Angela Fournier. Before I left Gilles, he told me that I could use his last name, if I so chose, to keep my true identity safely secured from authorities. When I reached my destination of LA, I was approached by a man who I thought was a priest or at least a reverend by the way he was dressed. When he asked my name, I looked up and saw the welcome sign at the bus station and it read, ‘Welcome to the City of Angels’ so I told him my name was Angela. My father always called me his little angel, so I guess it was in the back of my mind. That was when Angela Fournier was born.


    It wasn’t until many years later that my mentor, Jamison Starkney, alias George Stanza, handed me adoption paperwork, written by Gilles and authenticated by a magistrate in France. Since I was now of legal age, all I had to do was sign the paperwork to make my name legal. I had unknowingly carried a letter given to me by Gilles stating his intent, if I wished. I never opened the letter. It was witnessed by my good friend, Judge Steinburg, who then also handed me my US passport along with my French passport. I held citizenship in two countries. I was breathless. It is funny to think now, but I had been Angela Fournier longer than I was Gloria Jackson.


    If you have read my first novel, Tabula Rasa, penned by my friend, John F Russo, you will live my experiences as they happened to me, the good and the bad. I will not apologize for any of my sexual indiscretions as they are part of who I am. I like to think I am compassionate, loving, smart, a lover of art and fashion and now a devoted wife and mother. But don’t let that undermine my stubbornness or my willingness to help others and defend what I belief in. Carl, Jamison’s side-kick, has taught me well and I continually learn new maneuvers from my instructor, Antoine, to backup those decisions. I live to empower women!


    The Fournier Foundation was created by Gilles, and then the chair was handed over to his understudy, Jamison Starkney. The Foundation has grown and we had to change with the environment of today’s world stage.


    A word to our enemies - beware, we will find you!